AOC Brutally Mocked After Bragging About Killing Thousands Of Jobs

(NRCC News) – US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) doesn’t care at all about the American people, not even the ones she was elected to serve. All she cares about are platitudes and her faux morality.

Instead of embracing an opportunity to bring thousands of jobs to her New York City district, she shut it down and ran Amazon out of town. Rather than feeling sorry for making such a brazenly awful decision, AOC has doubled down and even insists that she deserves an apology.

On social media, AOC lamented that the naysayers who criticized her for running jobs out of town, have never apologized to her for doing so.

Those same critics didn’t take too kindly to her insisting she deserves an apology. They instead suggested she resign in disgrace.

On Friday, Ocasio-Cortez decided to add her voice to the news that Amazon is pausing construction of its second headquarters in Northern Virginia amidst the company’s current job cuts.

Job cuts brought on by the congress AOC serves in, which are happening as a result of the abysmal economy that is entirely their fault.

The delusional congresswoman however saw this as a sign that she was right and deserved an apology. Talk about tone deaf.

In her tweet, she shared a Bloomberg story on the development, saying, “When I opposed this Amazon project coming to New York bc it was a scam of public funds, the whole power establishment came after us. Billboards went up in Times Sq denouncing me. Powerful pols promised revenge. Op-eds & CEOs insulted my intelligence.”

She added, “In the end, we were right.”

In a subsequent tweet, the Democrat turned her attention on those who criticized her efforts to block the construction project.

She wrote, “I know I’ll never get an apology for that time, but it was worth it. We protected NYers from a scam deal to drain public dollars from schools & infrastructure in exchange for empty promises of ‘Amazon jobs’ w/ 0 guarantees or guardrails. Sadly, cities who took it are suffering.”

All of America is suffering because of her and her fellow Democrats and the destruction they have caused to the economy. AOC wants an apology though.

Amazon’s announcement to pause the construction in Virginia came four years after the company abandoned its original plans to build the second headquarters in New York City. Ocasio-Cortez and other leftist lawmakers went full throttle on a campaign to stop the headquarters from being built there and their efforts were successful.

In the winter of 2018, AOC tweeted, “Now what I DON’T want is for our public funds to be funding freebie helipads for Amazon + robber baron billionaires, all while NYCHA and public schools go underfunded & mom+pops get nowhere near that kind of a break.”

In response to the pressure from Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow lawmakers, Amazon abandoned the project in 2019. Now she’s acting like she was right all because the awful economy she helped create is causing Amazon to put their plans on hold.

She’s either completely brain dead or is purposefully obtuse.

As CEO of Job Creators Network Alfredo Ortiz told Fox News Digital in 2020, AOC’s efforts cost the city “25,000 good-paying jobs” and “sent a message to job creators everywhere that they were no longer welcome in her city.”

Nobody is interested in apologizing to AOC.

Author and conservative Jacob Airey blasted AOC, tweeting, “You opposed it to get headlines and cost your district countless jobs. You should resign in disgrace.”

In another tweet, Airey added, “You don’t deserve an apology, you should resign in disgrace.”

Investor Taylor Morgan stated, “Wait. You prevented jobs from coming to NY. Then when the government causes a recession because of uncontrolled printing and spending and companies do layoffs, you take an ‘I told you so’ victory lap? This type of grift is exactly what’s wrong with Washington.”

Journalist and founder Tom Elliott tweeted, “Virginians have thousands of Amazon jobs that NYers don’t thanks to you.”

The Twitter account for Job Creators Network rebuked AOC, tweeting, “Virginia still gained thousands of good jobs that your district lost out on. Not exactly time for a victory lap. (And is Arlington ‘suffering’? Take a quick trip across the river and visit their good schools and clean parks to see.)”

“Founders Fund” Vice President Mike Solana said, “Amazon is moving 8,000 workers into a series of buildings it just constructed at the site, and — while navigating an economic downturn congress has facilitated — still intends to hire 25,000 by 2030. this woman is a fraud, and a liar.”

The Daily Wire’s Frank Fleming added, “Is she claiming she foresaw they would have huge layoffs? That was her argument back then? People make fun of AOC for being dumb, but she’s more dishonest than she is dumb.”

AOC has no shame. If she actually cared about her constituents she would resign but she doesn’t. She’s not going anywhere.

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  1. When all is said and done, her constituents must love her. They re-elected her sorry arse.
    Obviously they can live with the consequences of her actions.


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