AOC Climate Doc Bombs At Box Office, Averages $81 Per Theater In Dismal Opening

(NRCC News) – You would think the leftists in Congress and in the entertainment industry would get it by now. Go woke, go broke. It’s a simple statement. It’s not hard to figure out. If you stuff a movie or other piece of entertainment with a bunch of woke garbage — like diversity hires and preachy messages — rather than focusing on telling a good story, people aren’t going to watch it, listen to it, read it, whatever. Look how many recent Disney flicks have gone up in smoke at the theater due to pushing a progressive agenda over quality storytelling. Get with the program, right?

Well, now you can add the recent climate change documentary — which was nothing more than a propaganda tool to help push initiatives contained in the Green New Deal — that featured everyone’s least favorite Democratic Socialist, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, to the list of box office bombs, as it debuted with a horrendous opening weekend.

Virginia Kruta, writing for the Daily Wire, said, “Director Rachel Lears is behind the documentary, titled ‘To the End’, which debuted over the weekend in 120 theaters. The total box office haul for opening weekend was a less-than-stellar $9,667, according to Box Office Mojo.”

“Lears’ previous offering, Netflix’s ‘Knock Down the House,’ also prominently featured Ocasio-Cortez and earned high marks from critics — Rotten Tomatoes gave it a critic score of 99% fresh. Viewers were not as kind, giving the film a rating of just 11%,” Kruta continued. “‘To the End’ has already garnered a critic score of 83% on the film-rating site, but at the time of publication, too few audience members had voted for the viewer score to be posted.”

The math, which was done by Exhibitor Relations Co., shows the film brought in rather depressing opening-weekend numbers, going on to reveal that the per-theater average was actually worse than the overall box office take.

“This is it the end, my friend,” the company tweeted on Monday after the numbers were in for the weekend showings. “Roadside Attractions’ documentary on climate change, TO THE END, ‘starring’ AOC, was voted out of the box office — just $9,667 in 120 theaters, $81 per. Yes, $81 per.”

“Nobody cares less about climate change than … theatergoers,” the company zinged.

Kruta then stated, “As if to belabor that point, Mediaite noted that ‘To the End’ debuted alongside Atlas Distribution’s gory horror flick ‘The Mean One,’ based (very) loosely on the 1957 Dr. Seuss children’s classic, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas.’

There’s no way a stupid Christmas horror parody like this could beat AOC’s movie, right? Come on, now. The premise for “The Mean One” sounds so horrifically dumb. Not even climate change could be THAT bad, right?

“‘The Mean One’ debuted in 162 theaters and pulled in over $218,000 — an average of just over $1300 per theater — suggesting, as Mediaite concluded, that moviegoers would rather watch a Christmas-themed slasher flick than listen to more lectures about climate from the same cast of characters,” Kruta reported.

Holy. Cow.

AOC got beat out by a Grinch slasher flick. People would rather go watch something like that then get preached to about climate change. And yet, this is one of the top issues the left keeps pushing. Why? Two words: wealth redistribution.

“Another film released to limited theaters, for the sake of comparison, was Darren Aronofsky’s ‘The Whale’ — which pulled in $360,000 from just six theaters in New York and California and averaged $60,000 per theater during the same time frame,” Kruta continued.

I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but I’d rather watch paint dry than subject my brain to the droning stupidity of AOC, so yeah, sign me up for “The Mean One.”

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