Biden Funnels Tax Dollars To Activists Supporting Prostitution

(NRCC News) – Joe Biden’s State Department is doling out US taxpayer dollars to an LGBT nonprofit group in the corrupt, crime-ridden country of Colombia that supports prostitution rights.

The Washington Examiner exclusively reports that the State Dept. awarded a $16,000 grant to Fundacion Sentiido in September, as shown in a federal grant listing.

The organization, which is based in Bogota, Colombia, focuses on LGBT issues and calls for the expansion of the “sex worker.”

The Examiner explains, “Sentiido launched in 2011, and it trains people on ‘gender, sexual diversity, and social change,’ according to its website. It aims to fight ‘discrimination against LGBT people’ and publishes independent journalism and research on LGBT issues, the group’s website reads.”

The grant to Sentiido was to “provide tools, resources and opportunities to support journalists and activists in Colombia and in Latin America” so they can gain a better understanding of the “use of disinformation and gender restrictive narratives against LGBTIQ and women’s rights,” the State Department asserts.

A spokesperson for the State Department told the Washington Examiner that the grant to Sentiido was “in support of American values,” adding that “U.S. citizens benefit from a world that is safer and more prosperous for all.”

If these are “American values” then sadly America has no more values at all. While the US is sending billions in “aid” to Ukraine in the supposed name of freedom and giving grants to LGBT activist groups in Colombia for “protection,” the Biden regime has nothing to say about the massive protests that have erupted all over China where citizens are being abused and their basic rights violated daily in the name of COVID.

Instead, the Biden State Dept. is sending money to Colombia where prostitution is still legal and sex trafficking and human rights abuses are rampant.

In a 2021 report, the State Dept. even acknowledged how corrupt the South American country was, saying its government has failed to “proactively investigate, prosecute, or convict cases of forced labor,” while armed groups commonly force young girls and women into sexual “webcam modeling,” as well as lure them into sex through drugging.

The Washington Examiner notes that Colombia is ranked 27th on the global crime index out of 142 countries. The index tracks crime levels by assigning places a score between 0 and 100. The US government has even found that children in Colombia are at elevated risk of being sexually exploited and forced into prostitution.

That hasn’t stopped Sentiido from engaging in prostitution advocacy. The organization just hosted a webinar on Nov. 3, titled, “Stand in my corner: trans-feminism and sex worker rights activism.” The three webinar speakers were prostitutes.

Sentiido has openly criticized efforts by the Colombian police to crack down on prostitution and in Sept. 2020 published an article against further regulation.

They also advocate for “webcam sex work” claiming it protects prostitutes from “economic exploitation.”

The Examiner further reports:

In 2020, Sentiido promoted several COVID-19 “emergency funds” for people to donate to prostitutes. One fund it promoted was managed by Red Comunitaria Trans, or Trans Community Network, a Bogota group launched in 2012 that calls for the expansion of transgender rights.

Another fund Sentiido promoted was by the Mexican Alliance of Sex Workers, which received a 1,500-word profile by Vice News. The alliance hosts a fund for “homeless trans sex workers,” according to its Facebook account. It also hosts events for the public to interact with drag queens and sex workers, Facebook posts show.

Sentiido also promoted a fund by Ammar Cordoba, an Argentinian group that calls itself a “union of sex workers.”

“Fanatical, woke organizations like Fundacion Sentiido shouldn’t be propped up with American taxpayer dollars, and they certainly shouldn’t be using those dollars to promote prostitution, radical gender indoctrination for children, and all manner of depravity abroad,” Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, told the Washington Examiner.

“It’s time Republicans in the so-called People’s House grow a spine and use the power of the purse to stop funding this woke garbage once and for all,” added Roy.

Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC), a member of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, told the Washington Examiner that he wants to know “what went through the minds of the State Department bureaucrats” who decided to give Sentiido tax dollars.

“Why on God’s green Earth are U.S. taxpayers footing the bill for South American activists to learn about so-called ‘disinformation and gender restrictive narratives’?” he said. “If I were in Secretary Antony Blinken’s shoes, we’d be gearing up for an Elon Musk-style housecleaning over at the State Department.”

“This is ridiculous,” Norman stated.

It is unclear what Sentiido has used the funds it received from the U.S. government for, kind of like we really don’t know what Ukraine had used nearly $100 billion in “aid” for.

When Republicans take control of the House in January, it’s time they put a stop to the ideological spending of the radical Biden regime.

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