Breaking Report: Why Hunter Biden Lied About Paying $50k Monthly Rent

(NRCC News) – The Biden family are a bunch of wealthy, privileged lowlifes who have managed to make millions of dollars through Joe Biden’s “Middle Class Joe” act that elevated him to the office of the vice presidency which he endlessly abused. Biden has been and still is one of the most corrupt politicians in Washington and his family has serious issues.

Among the many troubling revelations to come from the infamous Hunter Biden laptop is some family drama concerning Hunter and his cousin Caroline, the daughter of Joe Biden’s brother Jim and his wife, Sara.

The Washington Free Beacon has laid out a failed mission involving Hunter Biden’s attempts to move his troubled cousin out to Los Angeles, California.

From the laptop, the Beacon reported that a 2018 document was found on which Hunter Biden claimed to have spent nearly $50,000 a month on rent. He also listed his father’s Wilmington, Delaware, address as his residence which has brought on questions about whether he was using “rent” as a cover to pass money to his father.

The Beacon explains, “The money, $49,910, was actually a reference to rental payment for a Washington, D.C., office space used by Hunter Biden. But the story of the document is more absurd, involving Biden family favor trading, scorned relatives, and an ultimately failed effort to get Hunter Biden’s troubled cousin a new probation officer.”

The document was traced to an attachment in a July 27, 2018, email from Hunter Biden to a luxury apartment complex in LA. The background check document was part of a rental application though the apartment was intended for his cousin, Caroline.

The Free Beacon:

“The president’s niece pleaded guilty in 2017 to buying more than $100,000 worth of makeup with a stolen credit card. While she managed to skirt a grand larceny charge and the prison sentence it carried, she was sentenced to two years of probation—time she wanted to serve in Los Angeles.

She texted Hunter Biden on July 26, 2018, from a New York City probation office, telling him she urgently needed a California address so her lawyer could transfer her probation there.”

Since Caroline is an incompetent grown adult, keeping her out of prison became a family effort and at the center of that effort was moving her out to California to be with her crackhead cousin, Hunter. He had moved out to California, presumably to get away from his family, after his sister-in-law, Hallie Biden asked him to leave the state of Delaware, as shown by a July 17 message.

It’s hard to see why Caroline or her parents would want her around Hunter Biden who admitted in his 2021 autobiography that he spent most of his time on the West Coast cooking crack cocaine and negotiating with prostitutes. Joe Biden, however, believed Hunter was a “good influence” on Caroline.

“Your dad thinks you’re a good influence which you are,” she stated in a text message to Hunter Biden on July 20, 2018.

Caroline Biden repeatedly referred to Hunter Biden as her “partner in crime” in text messages and the two often lamented about their “sick” family. They weren’t wrong about that.

Caroline Biden noted Hunter was the only family member she felt she could talk to, because “the majority of my family thinks I’m nuts and untalktoable.” She complained that “our family’s sick,” that she had “no relationship with my nuclear family,” and that she had to “do everything on my f***ing own,” including finding a place to live in California.

In reality, Caroline didn’t appear to be capable of doing anything on her own. The entire plan for her to move to California was hatched by her father Jim and Hunter.

“I need help with Caroline, she is off the rails,” Jim Biden told Hunter Biden in a July 13 message.

Jim thought up the plan then commissioned Hunter to see it through. Hunter Biden told Jim Biden as early as July 16 that he was looking for rentals in Laguna for Caroline. However, in the end, Hunter failed the mission. By the time Caroline had her probation meeting during which she texted Hunter, it was too late. He had failed to secure her a place to live.

“Hunter, parole officer needs Caroline’s address in CA in order to transfer to CA,” Sara Biden wrote to him on July 27. “Caroline also just said she needs to accept job by end of day today and tell them when she can start.”

The Free Beacon writes:

“Shortly after hearing from Sara Biden, Hunter Biden directed his assistant, Katie Dodge, to fill out a rental application on his behalf for an apartment at a luxury complex, the Villa Carlotta, a self-described “residential hideaway for free spirits drawn to the iconoclastic energy of bohemian Los Angeles.” He told Dodge she had 45 minutes to complete the task. Although the apartment was for his cousin, Hunter Biden told the property manager that he wanted to move into the unit that evening. I “only ha e [sic] a few bags,” he remarked in an email.

That form, now the subject of intrigue, was riddled with erroneous declarations, including Hunter Biden’s claim to have paid $49,910 in monthly rent. The figure matches the down payment his firm paid for Washington, D.C., office space at the beginning of its lease, as well as the amount the firm paid quarterly to rent the office space in the House of Sweden building on K Street, according to emails with the office building.

It is unclear whether Hunter Biden and his assistant meant to imply the money was for housing, and neither Hunter Biden nor Dodge responded to a request for comment. The form also declares that Hunter Biden had never been convicted of a crime or had a charge expunged from his record, though on at least one occasion he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and had the charge expunged from his record.”

The property manager turned down the Bidens for the apartment.

In addition to finding Caroline a place to live, Jim Biden also tasked Hunter with convincing Caroline to accept a job, which was a term of her probation. That mission would prove much more difficult since Caroline, who has only ever held cushy jobs thanks to her family, refused to take a job that was lower than her standards.

“Emails show she was a candidate for a job from Masimo Corporation, a California company owned by one of Joe Biden’s largest donors, with an $85,000 base salary, a guaranteed 10 percent bonus, and stock options. She was hesitant, she said, because the pay was insufficient.

“That’s below minimum wage in California after taxes,” she told her father in an email. “I cannot take this job. I have never made this little money in my life.” Caroline Biden said she couldn’t take a job for “less than $180,000.”

Can you imagine turning down an $85,000/year job? Most Americans can’t. Caroline Biden, who has no apparent skills or abilities, didn’t want the job. She interviewed for it but reportedly “bombed” the interview. She told Hunter she was offered a job anyway because of his father, Joe Biden.

“I was given an intern job at 31 years old because of your dad asking him to give me something even though I bombed it.”

Things started to fall apart for Caroline:

“By July 28, a dejected Caroline Biden told Hunter Biden that Joe Biden was “done” with her. And Jim Biden was losing his patience too. “Your dad told me he was done with me yesterday,” she said, adding that her father wasn’t going to let her go to California to see Hunter Biden without a place to stay. “Dad said he won’t let me come back until I have a place to stay and a car,” she commented. “He’s not ‘paying for me to be out there for 6 weeks doing nothing.’”

Hunter Biden told his “crazy” cousin that everything would be fine. “Dont stress about the job shithead,” he asserted in a series of late night texts. “You are crazy im crazy and two crazies make…double the cray I guess. It’ll be fun we may just blow up a house and rob banks together.”

After failing to move his cousin out to California, Hunter went AWOL and stopped responding to Jim Biden’s requests for help. “Did I do something to offend you?” Jim Biden asked in a text message to Hunter on Aug. 8.

Caroline doesn’t seem to have straightened out either. In September 2020, she was arrested for driving under the influence but managed to avoid jail time again after negotiating a plea deal.

The Bidens are a hot mess and yet the mainstream media gives them the benefit of running cover for them and all their disturbing family drama. If this were the Trumps, it’d be on the cover of every media outlet in the country.

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