GOP Congressman Urges Probe To See If Bidens Profited From Classified Documents

(NRCC News) – At this point, the evidence is overwhelming. The Bidens profited big time from Joe Biden’s position as vice president under Barack Obama. Now that the stashes of classified documents have been found all around Joe Biden’s personal properties and former office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington DC, it seems there’s corroborating evidence of the Biden family corruption.

It would appear that Hunter Biden had access to these classified documents and he used them to make deals with a foreign entity for money. That’s a felony.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), chief of the House Oversight Committee, is now calling on his panel to conduct an investigation to confirm if those documents were, in fact, used “to profit” the Biden family.

As it currently stands, the information revealed from Hunter Biden’s laptop strongly indicates he was selling access to his father who was, at the time, vice president of the United States. The laptop confirmed that not only did Joe Biden know all about his son’s overseas business dealings but he held numerous meetings with Hunter’s business partners as well.

Now an astonishing similarity has been discovered between the classified documents found in Joe Biden’s possession and an email sent by Hunter Biden to Ukrainian nationals.

On Monday, Comer responded to a question regarding whether Biden’s mishandling of classified documents was an impeachable offense.

“It’s impeachable if he was using those documents in a way to profit for his family,” he commented.

He remarked that there is “no evidence that happened,” but also stated, “That’s something I think it needs to be looked into.”

He also expressed suspicion at the millions of dollars donated by China “to different Biden interests” and asserted that the communist regime wasn’t doing it “out of the kindness of their heart.”

He pointed out that the Bidens have made “millions and millions of dollars from China. You look at the wire transfers, the money was going from China to different LLCs and then to pay both Hunter Biden and Jim Biden salaries for ‘consulting.’ We’d like to know what that consulting was. I feel like if China, or anyone, pays you millions of dollars, they expect to get a return on that investment.”

Comer is showing impressive restraint but the reality is we all know Joe Biden and his family have been getting rich off of foreign adversaries and organizations.

The Gateway Pundit aptly noted that the “Biden crime family” made millions in Ukraine “performing nefarious and criminal activities including espionage.”

The outlet contended that the Bidens “were using classified information to the benefit of the Hunter Biden family business.”

This accusation seems to be confirmed by a specific email noticed by New York Post columnist Miranda Devine that “appeared to include classified material from the US government.”

Devine disclosed on Tucker Carlson Tonight that she found a “particular email from Hunter Biden’s laptop relating to Ukraine,” and she said it should be “cross-matched” with classified materials found at Joe Biden’s home.

She explained, “it is interesting to note the connection at least on a subject-matter level between what has been revealed about the first tranche of classified documents found at Biden’s Greenville, Delaware, estate, and the email between the first son and his then-business partner Devon Archer.”

If the House Oversight Committee follows through with an investigation they will surely reach the same conclusion. Perhaps that’s exactly what the Democrats are going for.

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  1. Joe Biden should definately be impeached and thrown out of office. And his pitafull son should be charged with treason if he sold classified info to our enemies
    Probably wont happen with our corrupt justice system

  2. Biden has betrayed America he has commended treason; he will go down as a traitor President. History will show him as a Juedes’s he sold us out.


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