GOP Lawmaker Introduces Plan To Secure Border, Crack Down On Record Illegal Immigration

(NRCC News) – The highest priority of Joe Biden and his fraudulent regime has been to flood the US with foreign nationals. Not only does it cause chaos, increase crime, and hurt hard-working, middle-class families but it changes the demographics of America.

Democrats have cried wolf every time Republican governors have moved illegal aliens out of their states to self-proclaimed “sanctuary” cities and states run by Democrats, accusing Republicans of using the migrants for political purposes when, in fact, that’s exactly what the regime has been doing since it took over in Jan. 2021.

Since Biden was inaugurated the US has been invaded by illegal aliens from around the world which has benefitted no one except the powerful cartels of Central and South America.

This is an outright crisis and one the left has no interest in fixing. Now that Republicans hold the majority in the House, they’re attempting to take action.

On Thursday, GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan (SC) introduced a series of common sense bills that should be nonpartisan in an effort to secure the southern border and crack down on illegal immigration.

The package is essentially a plan to enforce laws and protect Americans from the impact of this illegal invasion. It includes six bills that were previously introduced during the last Congress. They seek to ban access to Social Security for illegal immigrants, allow authorities to deport illegal immigrants who are listed on the national terrorism database, permit funds from the cartels to be used to build a border wall, revoke passports from members of foreign terrorist groups, punish illegal immigrants who overstay visas and make sanctuary cities ineligible for federal funding.

The re-introduction of the plan comes after US Custom and Border Protection (CBP) reported its highest month on record for migrant encounters, which was more than 250,000 in December. Remember, these are just the illegal aliens CBP had encounters with. It doesn’t include the ones who went undetected.

“Our nation is being invaded at our southern border due to open border policies and a lack of enforcement,” Duncan said in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

It’s pretty hard to look at the legislation and disagree with it. Not only is it pro-America but it just makes sense. One bill instructs the Department of Justice to use funds from forfeited Mexican cartel assets to build a physical barrier and roads to prevent illegal aliens from being able to cross into the US. This bill is nothing short of genius. It’s hard to believe any politician in DC who has taken an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution could have any reason not to support it.

Another bill aims to dissuade Democratic strongholds from acting as sanctuary cities by making states and local governments that refuse to adhere to immigration laws ineligible for federal funding for a period of at least one year.

“The southern border crisis threatens our national security, and we have no idea who is in our country due to the surge of illegal immigration since Joe Biden took office,” Duncan stated.

There are actually terrorists and people who hate America coming into our country via the southern border. CBP has revealed that 38 individuals whose names appeared on the national terrorism database have been apprehended during the first three months of fiscal year 2023. That’s insane.

“Border security is national security, and I am confident my immigration legislative package will begin to take necessary steps to combat the southern border crisis and safeguard our national security,” he added.

It certainly would if only Democrats actually cared about protecting the US and upholding the law. Sadly, they do not and because of their blatant desire to flood the US with illegal immigrants and one day force through legislation that would grant them citizenship, or at the very least the ability to vote, they would never support legislation like this.

This would be an appropriate time to remind Americans to vote out elected officials who undermine federal law and disregard the safety and prosperity of the American people but it doesn’t seem like our elections work the way they’re supposed to anymore.

Perhaps enough Democrats in Congress will decide to do the right thing and secure the US border and crack down on illegal immigration but don’t hold your breath.

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