House GOP Demands Answers On CDC’s Database To Monitor Why Americans Didn’t Take Shots

(NRCC News) – Despite the COVID vaccines being totally ineffective, as many within Big Pharma and the federal government have been forced to finally admit, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still want to keep track of who took it and who didn’t, and why.

Surely it’s for our benefit. Why else would the CDC want to track who obeyed the orders to take the shots and who didn’t?

It’s clear this is a nefarious effort to make lists of disobedient American citizens and Republicans in Congress are trying to get to the bottom of it.

On Tuesday, a group of House Republicans led by Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) sent a letter to the CDC demanding answers regarding a new classification system that allows the agency to record the reasons why Americans declined the shots.

“Naturally, we are concerned about the federal government gathering data on Americans’ personal choices—data that serves no sincere purpose in treating patients’ medical conditions—and how it may be used in the future,” the lawmakers stated.

The CDC’s recently codified International Classification of Disease, or ICD, has a number of codes related to COVID-19 vaccination status, which are scheduled to take effect April 1. The codes enable the CDC to create a database on the reasons Americans have for skipping the jabs but of greater concern is a database existing that indicates who has taken the shots and who hasn’t.

The letter lists the reasons in the new ICD code:

“The reasons listed include: immunization not carried out because of contraindication (Z28.0-), immunization not carried out because of patient decision for reasons of belief or group pressure (Z28.1), immunization not carried out because of patient decision for other and unspecified reason (Z28.2- ), or immunization not carried out for other reason (Z28.8-).”

“The ICD system was originally intended to classify diagnoses and reasons for visiting the doctor, not to conduct surveillance on the personal medical decisions of American citizens,” the Republicans wrote. “Given the profound uncertainty and distrust felt by many Americans toward the CDC and the medical apparatus at large, it is important for the CDC to make clear the intent and purpose of these new codes.”

According to the CDC, the World Health Organization owns and publishes the International Classification of Disease and has authorized the U.S. government to modify it in order to classify morbidity from inpatient and outpatient records, physician offices, and most National Center for Health Statistics surveys.

In the letter, lawmakers demand answers to five specific questions regarding the database:

1. Why did the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) decide to start gathering data on why Americans chose not to take the COVID-19 vaccine?

2. How do CDC and NCHS intend to use these new COVID-19 vaccination ICD codes?

3. What steps are the CDC and NCHS taking to ensure that Americans’ private health information contained in the ICD system is protected?

4. Will the CDC and NCHS confirm that they have not, will not, and cannot create a database of Americans based on their COVID-19 vaccination status?

5. Can the CDC and NCHS confirm that private companies do not have access to lists of Americans’ COVID-19 vaccination status through the ICD system, or any other database overseen by the CDC and NCHS?

In signing the letter, Roy was joined by nine other Republicans including Reps. Josh Brecheen of Oklahoma; Greg Steube of Florida; Andy Ogles of Tennessee; Bill Posey of Florida; Mary Miller of Illinois; Dan Bishop of North Carolina; Andy Biggs of Arizona; Keith Self of Texas; and Lauren Boebert of Colorado.

The database appears to be a blatant violation of federal law. The Department of Health and Human Services requires all federal agencies to “meet the requirements of the Privacy Act of 1974, which restricts what information about individual citizens—including any personal health information—can be shared with other agencies and with the public.”

While the federal government cannot force Americans to take vaccines, the Biden regime was pretty effective in accomplishing that end by compelling private institutions such as employers, colleges, the military and whole industries to require vaccination.

Americans lost jobs and opportunities because of the regime’s unprecedented calls on the private sector to create and enforce vaccine mandates. Meanwhile, the federal government required the shots for all federal workers.

In the end, the shots have been proven over and over again to be ineffective and even dangerous for many. This fact has even been admitted by some at the CDC, among Big Pharma, and within the federal government though absent of remorse. It also hasn’t stopped Joe Biden from insisting everyone should still get the shots.

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