Hunter Biden Art Show Sparks Uproar From GOP: ‘Another Attempt By The Biden Family To Sell Access’

(NRCC News) – Crack smoking extraordinaire and son of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, is once again attempting to sell his crappy paintings for obscenely high prices in an attempt to make a few bucks. This guy is always on the lookout for ways he can make some cash without having to exert any real effort or develop an actual skill that benefits others. I mean, if the guy were a killer good artist, maybe a case could be made that he was being productive, but come on, isn’t this really just an undercover means of selling access again? Just a thought.

According to Vivek Saxena, writer for BizPacReview, the troubled younger son of the president debuted his latest art exhibit on Friday called, “Haiku,” at the Georges Bergès Gallery located in New York City. A report from The Daily Beast revealed that the pieces were all up for sale ranging in price from $55,000 to $225,000. Look, as much as I think art is awesome, I probably would not pay that kind of money for a painting from anyone, let alone from a druggie like Hunter who engaged in corrupt practices along with daddy dearest that undermines the greatness of our country.

“They’re elegant paintings and they’re very complex in terms of their process, and each one has a haiku on the back. The collectors who came in last night were very impressed,” the eponymous owner of the gallery remarked during a conversation with the left-wing outlet.

“Perhaps, but the fact that the son of the current sitting president is easily earning hundreds of thousands of dollars for simple paintings has raised some serious concerns among legislators like Rep. James Comer,” Saxena pointed out.

Saxena continued, “The concerns are nothing new. Knowing Hunter Biden’s shady business habits — he’s been credibly accused of influence peddling — critics rightly wonder whether he’s doing the same thing all over again by once more selling access to the White House. Indeed, last year ethics expert Walter Shaub, formerly of the Obama administration, warned that Hunter’s art sales were the ‘perfect mechanism for funneling bribes.’ To be clear, he didn’t outright accuse Hunter of influence peddling. He just suggested that someone with nefarious motives could easily use art sales to sell influence.”

“The way to build public trust is to have uniform standards that you apply no matter who is in office and recognize that anything a leader does sets a precedent for future administration,” he proclaimed. “Whether or not White House officials believe that secret payments to the president’s son could lead to buyers receiving preferential treatment in this administration, they can’t vouch for future presidents who haven’t even taken office yet. And you can be sure future presidents will point to this arrangement to justify their own conduct,” Shaub continued.

Going back to Bergès, he said that he personally believes the current series of paintings by Hunter are all about deep self-reflection. Yeah. Right.

“I think this series is meditative and contemplative, and I think it’s reflective of how he is at the moment. There’s a sense of becoming and contentment as he’s getting into his own stride as an artist,” he noted in his musings about Hunter’s artwork.

“The main haiku series is on metal, then he did some others on canvas. He almost reinvents himself to fit the materials, but the great thing is you can see the commonalities in all of them,” Bergès stated in his analysis of the paintings.

And there’s good news, folks. It seems Hunter Biden is having a grand old time right now.

“Georges, my whole life I feel I’ve done what was expected of me or what people want me to do. For the first time, I’m doing what I want to do, so I have no more reasons to run away or escape,” he reportedly commented during a chat with Bergès a night before the exhibition opened.

Speaking about his own art, Hunter once said, “I’ve always been an artist from the time I’ve been a child, and I think it’s always been the center of my life. Not until recently have I been able to devote the entirety of my day to art. Art was always a part of me and something that I’ve always practiced but never been able to devote eight hours a day to it like I have for the past three years.”

He also revealed that for him, art is therapy, though he does see a therapist regularly. Well, that’s more than we can say for his dad, right? Though what he needs is a physician that specializes in dementia, not a psychiatrist, though that wouldn’t hurt.

“When I make my art, and I make art every day — at least as many hours as I can possibly fit in with the day — when I make art, I become fully immersed in it. It’s something that takes up the entirety of my attention or focus,” he added.

“I’m in a better place than I’ve, I think, ever been in my life. Probably the most profound lesson that I’ve learned is one day at a time,” he asserted.

I mean, I still think the guy deserves to be in prison, don’t you?

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