‘It Changed My life’: House Committee Chair Invites Members To Read Bible In A Year

(NRCC News) – Washington DC is the most corrupt place in the country but it looks like there might still be a glimmer of hope. There’s nothing more powerful than the Word of God and one congresswoman is attempting to share that with her colleagues.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash) is the Chairwoman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and at the committee’s first meeting on January 31, she distributed Bibles and invited fellow members to read through it during 2023. She explained the Bible “changed my life” when she read it for the first time so she encouraged “everyone to read this book in their lifetime.”

“Finally, I wanted to give you a book,” said McMorris Rodgers, and “invite all of us to read through it together in 2023. It’s an all-time best-seller. I read through it for the first time a few years ago, and it changed my life. My encouragement is for everyone to read this book in their lifetime. So, why not now, in 2023?”

“In America and on this committee, there [are] many faiths, beliefs that are represented. We cherish religious freedom and religious tolerance,” McMorris Rodgers continued.

There are 52 members in the Energy and Commerce Committee and a range of religious diversity is represented, including members who profess to believe in 1 of 12 different versions of “Christian or Christian-adjacent beliefs, plus Judaism,” The Washington Stand reported.

Pew Research published data on the religious beliefs of the 118th Congress showing 14 “unspecified” Protestants, five Baptists, five Methodists, four Lutherans, three Presbyterians, one Episcopalian, and one nondenominational Protestant within the ranks of the Energy and Commerce Committee along with 14 Catholics, two Orthodox, one Adventist, one Restorationist, one Mormon, and two Jewish members.

McMorris Rodgers gifted the Bibles and encouraged her fellow members to use it as a daily devotional.

“This Bible is structured to be 15 minutes a day, a little Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs,” she explained. Her description closely resembles that of The One Year ® Bible plan.

“And I pray that it will be a blessing,” concluded McMorris Rodgers.

She also handed out free coffee mugs and suggested that members get coffee with a colleague from the opposite party in an effort to find unity.

During the same meeting Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) handed McMorris Rodgers a bouquet of flowers to recognize her being the first woman to chair the committee.

McMorris Rodgers should be applauded for handing out the Word of God to her colleagues. Washington certainly could use a strong dose of it. It is the only thing that can truly root out corruption, if only members of Congress will let it.

“As Christians, we know that Scripture is not merely a good source for ethics or morality but is the source of all true knowledge and wisdom. It contains the very words of God,” David Closson, director of FRC’s Center for Biblical Worldview, told The Washington Stand. “Through Scripture, we learn God’s wondrous plan of salvation. We also learn guidance for everyday life including government, politics, and living together in community.”

Closson explained that the Bible’s universal wisdom “is one of the reasons why FRC, a public policy organization, has been encouraging supporters to participate in our two-year Bible reading plan. We want as many people as possible in this country reading and ordering their lives according to the principles taught in Scripture.”

The Washington Stand summarizes FRC’s two-year Bible reading plan, Stand on the Word, saying it “takes readers through the entire Bible in chronological order. It includes a calendar, a daily devotional, and daily reflection questions to help readers interpret the scriptures and apply to their lives. Readers can access it for free at frc.org/bible.”

Congress members aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the Bible. If you don’t already know the great salvation offered to us through belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, don’t wait another second longer. Get a Bible and dive in today. There’s quite literally nothing more important.

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