Karine Jean-Pierre Tries To Explain Biden’s Border Crisis… And It Did Not Go Well

(NRCC News) – Karine Jean-Pierre is just as incompetent as her predecessor, “circle back” girl, Jenn Psaki. While Psaki became known for her signature phrase when she didn’t have the answer to a question, Jean-Pierre has become known for saying that she wants to “be clear.”

Whenever Jean-Pierre says she is trying to “be clear,” we can be sure she has no idea what she’s talking about.

The White House press secretary is routinely in over her head at the podium and in media appearances like the one on Friday when she appeared on MSNBC and all but refused to give a straight answer in regards to the left’s obsession with child separation at the border.

About the only thing Jean-Pierre discusses with confidence is the Trump administration and how much of a “failure” it was. (Even though we all know it’s just lies and propaganda).

During her interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Jean-Pierre ran through the usual critique of the “last administration” and slammed Republicans for not doing anything about the immigration crisis before giving a bunch of non-answers.

Hayes attempted to ask a legitimate question regarding illegal immigration: whether the Biden regime was going to return to detaining entire families as was the case under President Trump.

Naturally, Jean-Pierre doesn’t want to say the truth, whatever it may be, and instead opted to call any speculation on whether Biden planned to separate families, just rumors and refused to answer the question directly.

There simply was no way to answer the question without giving Trump credit for doing things on the border that actually worked. She couldn’t possibly admit that Biden and his regime have caused an unprecedented disaster and unleashed an invasion on the US.

Instead of being honest, she just used as many words as possible to take up as much time as possible without saying anything at all.

Hayes asked Jean-Pierre about whether Biden was going to separate families at the border and she refused to give a straight answer. Hayes kept trying.

“I think if I said, ‘are you going to do child separation again,’ you’d say, ‘no, we’re not going to do child separation, right?’” he asked and Jean-Pierre nodded.

“So, it seems like you’d just say, ‘We’re not going to do family detention,’ but you’re not saying that. Which, is fine as far as it goes, but I just want to be clear.”

In response, Jean-Pierre just went into a rambling explanation of nothing significant or meaningful all while somehow promoting Joe Biden’s nonexistent immigration plan.

“I think what you’re asking me, Chris, is to speak to rumors that are out there, right? And that’s not something we’re going to speak to, rumored conversation.”

She mentioned that the COVID-era implementation of the deportation process known as Title 42 is going to be ending soon, and stated, “What we’re going to do is find way to deal with what occurs once we get to that state.”

“What the president has done, he’s put forth a pathway to come in here, to come in this country, in a legal way, which, we’ve seen it working, which is really important … I just want to be careful. The Department of Homeland Security is trying to figure out how do we move forward, past Title 42, and we’ll let them have that conversation.”

“I’m just not going to lean into rumors. The moment I talk about rumors or conversations that are out there, then it opens up a whole other conversation.”

The Biden regime is so awful that Jean-Pierre isn’t even able to answer questions from the most regime-friendly propagandists in the media. All she can do is blame Trump and the Republicans and claim Biden is working hard to “fix” these problems with phantom solutions while avoiding giving any kind of direct answers.

No matter which disaster Jean-Pierre is faced with discussing, she simply has no answers because there is just no justifying the numerous crises caused by Biden and his regime of half-wits and radical globalists.

Karine Jean-Pierre has a tough job, to be fair, and perhaps no one could dodge answering questions as well as her, with the exception of Kamala Harris, of course.

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  1. Another piece of crap that loser Biden has picked for his cabinet.We are in a world of hurt from this worthless demented President that can’t even talk or forget who he is talking to.And what about his so called Southern Border Czar Karmella who hasn’t even been to the border .All she knows how to do is Cackle.She can join the ranks of the other pieces of crap that makes up Biden’s Regime.


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