Musk Strikes Again! AOC Hit With Brutal Fact Checks On Economics

(NRCC News) – New York radical leftist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) was tending bar before she decided to run for Congress and it shows. Despite having graduated from Boston University with a double major in international relations and economics, she routinely makes comments proving she has no clue in either department.

On Monday, AOC really thought she roasted Republicans when she responded to a post by the GOP on Twitter regarding the fact that many Americans are struggling to make ends meet under the current regime.

The post by the GOP’s official Twitter account cited a recent statistic of how many people are experiencing financial hardships. “60% of workers report living paycheck-to-paycheck,” the tweet read.

In all of her wisdom, AOC retweeted the post and captioned it with a comment that makes it truly hard to believe she holds an economics degree and graduated cum laude from a prestigious university. She was roundly mocked on social media over it.

“And yet y’all still voted against raising the minimum wage,” AOC replied.

Yikes. It’s clear she hasn’t a clue how the economy actually works and obviously missed the whole point of the GOP’s post which was highlighting how bad the US economy is right now, thanks to Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Conservative personality Graham Allen summed it up best: “Raising the minimum wage just makes everything else MORE expensive. Meaning it enhances daily life ZERO. Therefore it amounts to absolutely nothing except tricking voters to vote for you.”

It was Elon Musk, however, who had the best response to AOC’s low-intelligence attempt at a burn. While the response wasn’t directly from Musk it was a result of his Twitter takeover.

AOC’s post was slapped with a fact-check rarely seen for people on the political left. Now that Musk owns Twitter, however, big changes have been made to the use of the “Community Notes” addendums to tweets that need more context and explanation.

The Western Journal reported on the fact-check:

One of the many Community Notes sources pointed out that a Deseret News piece reported that it’s not only minimum wage workers currently living paycheck to paycheck, noting that record-setting inflation has caused higher earners to fall back to living that way due to shrinking or vanishing savings accounts.

Additionally, the Community Notes on AOC’s tweet also pointed to a Forbes explainer that explains how high inflation can completely negate wage growth. It’s a simple concept: if you received a 5 percent raise and inflation is at 8 percent, it’s a wage reduction.

You’d think someone with a degree in economics would understand this basic concept. It’s hard not to be totally embarrassed for her.

However, as the Western Journal points out, AOC and fellow Democrats do, in fact, understand these rudimentary economic concepts but they have “published that level of misinformation for years, unchecked.”

“She knows that many of her uneducated or unaware social media followers will take a quip like that and run with it as nothing less than fact, no questions asked. That’s been the status quo for a long time, and it’s how she panders to her base,” TWJ opined.

It’s a different Twitter now with Musk at the helm. Democrats like AOC won’t get away with sharing misinformation aimed at manipulating voters any longer.

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  1. I am no AOC fan, but to say that raising the minimum wage would just make everything more expensive, is more idiotic then anything she has said. That pathetic excuse is used by the wealthy banksters and Wall Street hucksters to make sure they continue to line their greedy pockets with even more money. Here’s a fact for your feeble mind to chew on, the disparity between the wealthy 1% and the rest of the population is at an all time high. Mull that one over brainiac.

    • Seriously? You don’t understand that when you implement policies that increase the cost of business that those higher costs have to be recouped for the business to make a profit? Why do you think prices for groceries go up when the price of diesel fuel goes up?

  2. What Graham Allen said is right on, but that’s not even the whole of it. Basic supply and demand analysis dictates that price increases will result in less demand, which will then result in higher unemployment. Too, raising minimum wage will only expand the power of big government, since taxes are based on income and earnings… This woman should go back to BU and ask for her money back.

  3. This is a poor excuse for journalism. If you have something to say you dont need to do it in an insulting manner. The right wing platform is to spin the truth and bad mouth the opposition offering no solutions only conflict. They win the argument by spreading hate rather then reason. Save our country stop reading corrupt right wing media.


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