NBC Blasted Over Mystery Surrounding Correspondent’s Continued Absence After Scrubbed Paul Pelosi Report

(NRCC News) – NBC News correspondent Miguel Almaguer, who created a bombshell report concerning the moments that led up to the now infamous hammer attack on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul at their San Francisco home that was later retracted with no explanation, has not been seen on the air for the network for over a month now. This has led to NBC News being put on full blast as “outrageous” over the lack of transparency they are displaying in this situation.

According to Brian Flood of Fox News, “Almaguer, who has spent his time away from the spotlight on a European vacation, indicated on his personal Instagram account that he was in France last week, and Spain the week before that. Aside from scarce photos standing in front of popular tourist destinations, Almaguer’s fans and media watchdogs alike have no idea what’s going on with him since he was vanished by NBC.”

“He last appeared on NBC News on Nov. 4, four days before critical midterm elections when his report suggested Pelosi might not have been in immediate danger when police arrived at his San Francisco home the night he was assaulted. NBC News retracted the shocking report by that afternoon as it began to go viral, scrubbing it from the internet in the process – and Almaguer has not appeared on NBC or MSNBC since,” Flood wrote.

The official story from the network is that Almaguer is supposedly suspended pending an investigation, however executives for the company will not admit that on the record. In fact, NBC News has pretty much refused to explain his status, what was wrong with his report, and whether or not he’ll ever make another appearance on the network in the future.

A former senior executive with the network who personally worked with Almaguer slammed the company, pointing at NBC’s local news affiliate in San Francisco who reported many of the same details that the national outlet strangely retracted.

“It’s outrageous that NBC News hasn’t reported the results of its investigation. It owes its viewers an explanation for how the report came about and why its owned station hasn’t also retracted its report,” the former NBC News executive said during a conversation with Fox News Digital.

“NBC News should come clean, and get its house in order regarding the embarrassing spectacle of its owned station contradicting its national news outlet and refusing to explain itself,” the source added. “Was Miguel Almaguer reprimanded or terminated? Were there consequences for NBC News executives? Is NBC News still at odds with its San Francisco station over the accuracy of the report?”

What’s more strange is that Almaguer has not responded to several different requests for a comment. The agent who represents him has refused to speak on the situation, nor has NBC News replied to questions either.

Another insider with NBC spoke with Fox News Digital saying leadership at the new division of the network was “pissed off” about the story making it on air. They also guessed there could still be repercussions for anyone who was involved in allowing it to be aired.

“They were absolutely dumbfounded how this could have happened,” the insider commented. “I really do think that at some point someone other than the reporter will be forced to be held accountable for it… because of how angry they were that this happened, and that all the procedural safeguards were somehow blown past.”

“Paul Pelosi was hospitalized with a skull fracture after suspected assailant David DePape allegedly struck him in the head with a hammer on Oct. 28. Almaguer reported the husband of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., opened the door himself but didn’t attempt to escape or declare an emergency before walking away from cops and back toward his eventual attacker,” Flood reported.

“Some believe Almaguer offering periodic updates that he appears happy on his European vacation to 11,800 Instagram followers is calculated, as he appears to be sneezing at any suspension or punishment. If he’s not going to return to NBC, posting joyful photos from the Eiffel Tower could be a subtle way to indicate he’ll be just fine,” Flood stated.

While Almaguer is keeping a rather low profile, Paul Pelosi recently made his first appearance since the attack on Sunday when the Pelosis showed up at the annual Kennedy Center Honors event held in the nation’s capital.

DePape, 42, pleaded not guilty to federal charges in his alleged assault on Pelosi. He is currently facing charges of assaulting an immediate family member of a federal official and attempted kidnapping of a federal officer, as well as a few other state-level charges.

He could end up getting 30 and 20 years in prison respectively for the charges, while the state charges could come with a life sentence.

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