‘OUT OF CONTROL’: Incoming House Oversight Chair Calls To Defund FBI Over Twitter Censorship

(NRCC News) – The FBI has become totally corrupt and it’s time lawmakers did something about it. Thanks to billionaire Elon Musk, the collusion between the FBI and social media giant Twitter has been fully exposed and at least one Congressman is now calling for the defunding of the rogue agency.

On Tuesday, GOP Rep. James Comer (KY) asserted that Republicans should block funding for the FBI until there is an explanation given regarding its role in the online censorship of news stories involving Hunter and Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election.

Comer, the incoming chairman of the House Oversight Committee, made the comments to Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo after the latest Twitter Files release.

“In the beginning, I thought that there were probably two or three rogue employees who were orchestrating this cover up of the Hunter Biden laptop story, but now we know the FBI had a division of at least 80 agents,” Comer explained, “We also know that the FBI paid Twitter over $3 million for their time, all the time they took over the past couple of years in telling them who to suppress, who to ban. You know, it’s just things that the government has no role in.”

“The FBI was never granted the authority to create any type of disinformation task force that policed the social media sites. Now this we know with Twitter,” Comer continued. “We’ve heard similar stories from Zuckerberg. Who knows what went on at YouTube and Google. This is an agency that’s out of control.”

Out of control indeed. From the information released and posted on Twitter, journalists Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss and Michael Shellenberger have reported on just how deep the FBI and Twitter collusion ran. The operation included censoring American citizens and news outlets which the FBI allegedly paid Twitter $3.5 million to do on their behalf between October 2019 and February 2021.

“We need to halt everything with the FBI, all funding, until they come forward and explain to Congress exactly what they were doing, why they were doing it, and who gave them the authority to do it,” Comer stated.

Comer also slammed the omnibus spending package to fund the federal government, noting that its passage could make it a lot more difficult to get answers concerning the FBI’s conduct.

“In no way shape or form should the government be in the business of censoring free speech, whether that be liberal speech, or conservative speech. That’s just something the government shouldn’t do,” Comer said. “But to dedicate a whole taskforce of at least 80 employees to do nothing but communicate with social media sites and telling them what stories to suppress, who to ban, it’s just wrong. It’s a — it’s a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars. It’s a violation of the Constitution. And to think that as we speak, the Senate sitting here giving them more money for the next 12 months, tying our hands and our ability to get the FBI in front of the committee.”

“You know, one way we could get the FBI in front of the committee really quickly is say, ‘We’re not giving you a penny until you all come down here and explain to us what this task force was. Why you told Twitter to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story when you knew darn well it was true,’” Comer continued. “And the Senate is counter to everything that we’re trying to do in the House from an oversight standpoint right now, especially with respect to the FBI.”

While a government shutdown is imminent should congress fail to pass the massive $1.7 trillion bill by Friday, it’s of utmost importance for Republicans to be able to get leverage over the FBI if we ever want to get answers and ultimately hold the agency and the Biden regime accountable for this blatant abuse of power.

Comer has the right idea.

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  1. We expect this type of stuff from the evil Democratic Party, but why on earth are certain Republicans in the Senate supporting this omnibus spending bill that basically hamstrings the incoming new Congress, as Comer had mentioned? It’s not surprising that Turtlehead McConnell supports it, since he helped broker the deal with Schumer, but you have 17 other Republicans supporting it, including even Tom Cotton, who is supposed to be a staunch conservative. It’s safe to say that liberty-loving Constitutional patriots no longer have any representation in Washington.


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