REPORT: Nancy Pelosi Divulges Bizarre Info On Hot Dogs To Emmanuel Macron

(NRCC News) – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is weird. I’d like to chalk that up to the fact she’s in her 80s and might be experiencing a little cognitive decline or something of that nature, but it seems she’s just a bit strange by nature. So just how bizarre is the woman you ask?

Well, according to Fox News, Pelosi recently revealed that she has a habit of eating a hot dog in the House Democratic cloakroom every day while speaking with French President Emmanuel Macron last week. I mean, how does one bring that up in casual conversation, let alone when you’re talking to the leader of another country?

“Pelosi made the comment during a Friday state dinner at the White House in a conversation with Macron and his wife, as well as President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, was also reportedly in attendance and turned the conversation toward American cuisine, according to The New York Times,” Fox writer Anders Hagstrom noted.

The younger Pelosi pressed Biden to disclose what his favorite American foods were.

Alexandra said Biden responded by saying he liked hot dogs, ice cream, and spaghetti. She went on to state that her mom immediately jumped into the conversation to remark that she eats a hot dog on Capitol Hill every day. Macron and his wife seemed to be rather puzzled by the comment. Who wouldn’t be confused by such a statement? Why did Pelosi find it necessary to share that with French leadership?

“Biden went on to stay up late with the guests of honor, however, with the president reportedly sipping on cans of pop and chatting with Macron until nearly 1:00 a.m. The state dinner came in honor of Macron’s multi-day visit to the U.S., during which he and Biden reaffirmed the close friendship between the U.S. and France,” Hagstrom continued.

“The pair held a joint press conference on Thursday detailing not only shared goals but also a few points of difference. Macron and other European leaders expressed frustration with Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, which they say could negatively impact Europe’s economy,” Hagstrom divulged.

Biden did not make any apologies for the bill, but he did go on to acknowledge that some changes could be made. Officials working for the White House have been insistent that the Inflation Reduction Act is not in any way undermining the president’s promises to Europe that “America is back” as a reliable ally.

“There’s a lot we can work out, but the essence of it is we’re going to make sure that the United States continues, and just as I hope Europe will be able to continue, not to have to rely on anybody else’s supply chain. We are our own supply chain. And we share that with Europe and all of our allies. And they will, in fact, have the opportunity to do the same thing,” Biden stated on Thursday.

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