Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Buttigieg Over Largest Grounding Of U.S. Flights Since 9/11

(NRCC News) – When Joe Biden took over the White House, he appointed countless unqualified radicals to fill high-level positions in his regime. Just like Biden himself, they’re all completely clueless and working to implement the Deep State’s agenda.

Former small-town mayor Pete Buttigieg is one of them. A failed politician in his own right, just like Biden, but he’s now the Transportation Secretary of the United States. It should surprise everyone when major disasters happen just like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordering the largest grounding of flights since Sept. 11 2001, thanks to a technology glitch.

The Daily Caller reports that the glitch resulted in a nationwide ground stop Wednesday which forced 10,000 flights to be canceled. The technology that malfunctioned is a system used to warn pilots of hazards in their flight path.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson utterly shredded Buttigieg over the disaster and rightfully so.

“It reached a point you might experience a trip across Bangladesh. Just today, in fact, the FAA was forced to order a ground stop for all air traffic in the United States, no planes flying in a continental country. First time that’s happened since 9/11,” Carlson explained. “Now, the problem affected the newly renamed notice to air missions system. More than 10,000 flights canceled or delayed. How did this happen? Total stop on all air travel.”

Tucker Carlson, who sits on the board of the Daily Caller News Foundation, continued, “Okay! So, I’m the secretary of transportation and there’s no air transportation in the entire country of 350 million people,” Carlson added. “I have no idea why, but I am going to quote ‘direct someone to find out’ because we can’t allow this to happen. Really? Thanks for telling us, we thought we could allow this to happen, we can’t? You’re going to direct someone to find out? Yeah, sure.”

Carlson slammed “Mayor Pete” for focusing on “racist roads” instead of addressing issues with the transportation system which has experienced major problems such as massive flight cancellations due to winter storms and an Amtrak Auto Train being stranded for almost 30 hours due to a freight train derailment this week.

Buttigieg is too woke to care about all that though.

“‘There is racism physically built into our highways,’ Mayor Pete announced, and in his voice you heard the iron resolve of a man with no tolerance for bigotry in asphalt,” Carlson went on. “And yet, at the same time, you also heard a deeply sensitive man, a man that can feel the hate beneath the wheels of his electric vehicle when others might just hear road noise.”

“In April of last year, Mayor Pete noted ensuring equity and every member of the traveling public is one of the department’s highest priorities. So, he was on it and the equity crisis was solved,” Carlson said. “Unfortunately, our transportation problems were not solved, they had in the meantime, they had become much worse.”

Carlson hit the nail on the head in pointing out that Buttigieg, like many other regime officials, is more concerned with being “woke” and pushing the “diversity, equity and inclusion” agenda than doing his actual job, you know, the one taxpayers pay him to do.

Of course, this epic failure won’t hurt Buttigieg. In the Biden regime men, women, and everything in between, are celebrated and propped up even when, especially when, they are utter failures. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that Joe Biden still had confidence in Buttigieg during a press briefing on Wednesday.

As if Biden has any idea what’s going on.

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