VIDEO: Biden Stumbles On The Stairs Of Air Force One For The Second Time In Two Weeks

(NRCC News) – When you’ve got an elderly, weak, old man running the country there are bound to be some slip-ups both physically and mentally but Joe Biden has been an absolute treasure trove.

Sure, he and his regime have been utterly destroying our economy, way of life, and the American Dream, but Joe Biden has also gifted us with endless entertainment. America is a dumpster fire under Biden but he gives us reasons to laugh on a daily basis.

Biden’s contentious relationship with his feet has really heated up over the last two weeks. He stumbled going up the steps to Air Force One not once but twice.

We know it’s not exactly breaking news when an 80-year-old dementia sufferer trips up a flight of steps, but it’s Joe Biden, the leader of the free world, destroyer of hope, freedom, and democracy.

It’s hard to just ignore when he proves to the world just how unfit for office he really is. The world is watching.

For the second time in two weeks, Joe Biden tripped while boarding the presidential aircraft. The first time he was departing Warsaw, Poland, and the second time he was leaving Selma, Alabama, after he spoke at a civil rights event.

“Steady on, Joe!” proclaimed the UK’s Daily Mail in its coverage of the incidents.

It’s hard to have a lot of sympathy for the man who sits at the top of the most radical, anti-American regime the US has ever seen. Twitter users argued over the matter with some expressing concern for Biden’s safety and others mocking him.

Biden has become known for his troubles boarding Air Force One. His first tumble happened just shortly after he took over the White House. Back in March of 2021, Biden fell multiple times while attempting to board the plane, immediately giving the world a preview of what his presidency had in store.

His repeated inability to board Air Force One along with his other physical blunders has been a comedic gold mine for Donald Trump. The former president and current presidential candidate took a moment while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference to poke fun at Biden.

“We all smile when he falls down stairs and things, it’s cute, when he falls off his bicycle,” Trump said, referring to an incident when Joe Biden literally fell off his bicycle after he stopped to talk to journalists last summer.

“You know what amazes me? The reporters didn’t catch him when the bike was going down, they were standing right next to him. They let him fall.”

President Trump is just saying what we’re all thinking.

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