What’s Happening To CNN? Matt Gaetz Praises Network For ‘Changing’

(NRCC News) – When Chris Licht took over as CNN’s CEO back in May of 2022, he publicly made it very clear that he believed the news network was in need of dramatic change in order to reverse course from its abysmal ratings and sullied reputation thanks to a litany of openly leftist hosts and contributors.

The network did start making changes and while there is still a long way to go before CNN can truly say they’re a “trusted” news source, it appears there may be a glimmer of light.

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL) took to Twitter to thank and praise CNN following an interview he did with host Michael Smerconish. Considering Gaetz is one of the staunchest conservatives in Congress, this could be a sign of good things to come for CNN.

Gaetz made the appearance to discuss his resistance to Kevin McCarthy taking up the Speaker’s gavel in the now-GOP controlled House.

“@CNN is clearly changing,” Gaetz tweeted. “Today a serious host asked me serious questions about serious issues. It wasn’t propaganda for either side. Thank you @smerconish for the thoughtful discussion.”

In 2023, we’ve come to expect the unexpected when it comes to politics but this one is truly surprising. Whoever would have thought we’d read those words from Matt Gaetz regarding the corrupt propaganda outlet, CNN, dubbed by many as the “Clinton News Network?”

Not only is it surprising to hear Gaetz thank CNN but it’s almost unbelievable that he, of all Congressmen, was able to get a fair shake from a CNN host. The vast majority of CNN personalities are dogmatic in their dedication to the Biden regime and all things left. Smerconish is a breath of fresh air on the otherwise radicalized news outlet.

It’s certainly hard to believe this is even the same network. As The Western Journal put it, “This is, after all, the same CNN that was once too distracted to notice the new year, the same CNN that needed an on-air therapy session over Elon Musk, and the same CNN that tried to garner sympathy for a transgender murderer.”

Yet, it was CNN indeed and the conversation was perfectly civil as they discussed issues from putting cameras in Congress to the George Santos controversy.

Smerconish is not your typical CNN host. He’s a traditional liberal rather than a radical leftist. He still abides by the old liberal adage, “I disagree with what you have to say but will defend to the death your right to say it.”

This story would admittedly be downright shocking if the CNN host who had a civil, respectful conversation with Matt Gaetz was Don Lemon or one of the other regime lapdogs. It’s still encouraging nonetheless.

This interview is only just a start but if Licht truly wants to rebuild CNN and restore its reputation it’s going to take a lot more. If CNN would give fair time and opportunity to Republicans as they do Democrats, there would be millions more informed Americans. Tragically, millions of Americans still watch CNN and believe the outright lies being spewed by its propagandists.

Millions of Americans actually believe there is no crisis at the border, that the economy is “strong,” that Ukraine is an innocent victim of Russian aggression worthy of billions of US tax dollars, and that Joe Biden is doing a great job.

Maybe our elections aren’t being rigged by actual fraud (they are) but they are certainly being unfairly and wrongly influenced by the propaganda and lies coming out of CNN and its fellow leftist media outlets.

We can only hope that Gaetz’s interview with Smerconish is a sign of things to come and that maybe, just maybe, there is hope for CNN and America.

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  1. Why is it not acknowledged in these articles that FOX is the exact same thing but defending radical right to extremes is it’s approach. And FOX is just as much “The Media” that us Republicans all like to say is so evil, but will kiss their arse all day long. We like to point out CNN’s failing ratings and Fox is doing great, but does that just mean more Republicans watch News commentary tv than democrats? And that most old white retirees are republicans that sit around watching FOX all day?
    Both sides like to point fingers rather than accept our own shortcomings and ridiculous behaviors. This country will never be what it’s capable of until we all think about that rather than finger pointing as the rule, and don’t even begin to think that’s not equal on both sides.


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