WHISTLEBLOWERS: FBI Putting ‘Threat Tags’ On Conservatives

(NRCC News) – The FBI has gone full-blown partisan. It’s no longer a secret that the once respected federal law enforcement agency is now the strong arm of the Democratic Party. Instead of fighting actual terrorism or investigating domestic crime, the FBI now targets school parents, Christians, and pro-life activists.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are permitted to commit as much crime as they please in the name of “equality” but pro-life advocates are being targeted and arrested for peacefully praying outside abortion facilities and school parents are being labeled “domestic terrorists.”

As Just the News points out, it’s “a growing trend of using intelligence threat tags to enforce cancel culture.”

House Republicans released testimony last weekend from an FBI whistleblower who alleged colleagues in the bureau flipped a terrorist threat tag originally created to flag threats against pro-life Supreme Court justices into a means to alert authorities of the supposed threat pro-life protesters somehow pose.

Previously the FBI has used similar threat tags for parents who raised concerns at school board meetings. An FBI memo has also come to light in which it was suggested that Catholics who prefer the legacy Latin Mass posed a risk of extremist violence.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee told Just the News on Tuesday that “the pattern is a disturbing new trend in the political weaponization of federal law enforcement that can be traced all the way back to the launch of the Russia collusion probe targeting Donald Trump in 2016 based on uncorroborated allegations from his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

“If it’s [targeting] parents, that’s one thing,” Jordan stated on the John Solomon Reports podcast. “Traditional Catholics — okay, well, that’s a concern too. But when it gets to be three, which is what we learned from a whistleblower when he said they were targeting pro-lifers, now we see a pattern, right? So it’s parents, traditional Catholics, pro-lifers — all are wrong. Now it’s a pattern.”

All three groups are likely to be Republican voters. The targeting of these particular groups is entirely partisan.

FBI whistleblower Garret O’Boyle testified before Congress, saying the FBI issued guidance after the Dobbs abortion decision so agents could “look into …. pregnancy centers” using the tag “THREATTOSCOTUS2022.”

Ironically, those who are against abortion pose no threat whatsoever to pro-life Supreme Court justices. O’Boyle pointed out that this didn’t make sense in his testimony, saying it was pro-choice activists who were “protesting or otherwise threatening violence in front of Supreme Court Justices’ houses.”

He was asked to talk to a pro-life informant “about the threats to the Supreme Court,” he testified. “I was like, why would this person know about those threats? He’s pro-life. Like, he’s not the one going and threatening the Supreme Court Justices.”

O’Boyle never received any guidance from the FBI to look into attacks on pro-life facilities, churches, or pregnancy resource centers. He explained that the threat tag was turned on its head and used to target pro-lifers rather than radicalized pro-abortion zealots as it was originally intended.

He went on to describe how the Bureau “made him divide one domestic terrorism case into four separate cases” to give the appearance of a bigger caseload. He claimed this was done to give lawmakers conducting oversight the illusion that domestic terror was spiking so Congress would increase funding.

“It was one case, but the FBI had me open up four different cases,” O’Boyle recalled, “because they had me open a case for every individual that I had an articulable, factual basis that there may have been potential Federal law being violated.”

O’Boyle was suspended by the FBI which he believes was retaliation for making protected whistleblower disclosures to Congress. He testified that after he was suspended, the FBI denied him access to his family’s personal belongings for more than a month that were held in storage with a company contracted by the Bureau in Virginia. This forced him and his wife to rely on family members to provide clothing for their three children. It cost him around $10,000 to retrieve these belongings.

“God bless him though for coming forward,” Jordan remarked. “They believe in the Constitution, they believe in the First Amendment. I actually think this is the biggest concern we have … this attack on speech and this web of people … this web of censorship is so scary. It’s one of the things we’re really going to try to focus on, on the committee … as well as the double standard we see: One set of rules for the connected class; another set if you don’t have the right political views.”

The FBI has grown into a powerful political entity that benefits the left. One has to wonder if the best course of action would be to demolish the agency altogether.

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  1. FB sent a blanket message last July of new terms of service. A link was included to read them. What changed? If FB, at their discretion, determines you’re guilty of “hate speech,” at their discretion, they can notify your local law enforcement that you need to be on their radar as a threat to your community.
    In our community, a guy ambushed a police squad, shot many officers killing 3 and their K9. I endorsed a legal avenue, the death penalty, which was being considered. FB put me in their gulag 30 days. I fully expected a knock at my door. I don’t know if local law enforcement was notified or not.

  2. Okay, now that we’ve correctly identified the problem, what is going to be done to fix it?

    Frankly, we are all tired of the alarmism. Either fix the problem, or shut up. We are tired of all talk and no action.


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